I Love Auntie Anne’s

June of 2015 was the first time I had ever heard about the OU Honors at Oxford Program. My family and I had just returned to the U.S. shortly after a week vacation in England. During this week long vacation, we had taken a day trip to Oxford and I had the opportunity to see the university 500 years older than my home country. Needless to say, I fell in love with the history, architecture, and culture in an instant and I knew I had to come back. I faintly remembered friends back at OU talking about studying abroad at Oxford so I started doing some research.

That short story brings us to today. Me sitting in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport telling you I’m about to hop on a ten-hour plane ride to study at the University of Oxford for three weeks.

As the title says, I’m not smart enough to be here. Oxford has pushed out prestigious alumni for five times longer than the University of Oklahoma has been a school. It still hasn’t hit me that I’ll be walking the same grounds that Dr. Seuss walked, eating the places C.S. Lewis ate at, and being in the same buildings as William Penn. It’s undoubtedly the trip of a lifetime and I haven’t even left DFW.

On a side note, the DFW airport is a horrible place to be if you’re hungry. The whole place smells like Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. It’s incredible.