Flat Katie

The hardest part about leaving the U.S. was knowing I couldn’t see any of my friends and family for an entire month. For example, I was used to seeing Katie every single day and as of today I haven’t seen her in real life in over 22 days. HOWEVER, as I was leaving she gave me one of my favorite gifts I could use during this trip: Flat Katie. Flat Katie has a lot of the same qualities of real Katie, but at the same time is very different. The biggest difference you’ll notice when you meet Flat Katie is that she is very quiet. She doesn’t talk very much and although she has the same facial features, she really never actually opens her mouth ever.

Another huge difference is that Flat Katie isn’t very affectionate. I mean, I know she cares about me and loves me, but Flat Katie never gives you a hug or pats you on the back, she’s very kind but in an “arms length away,” type of way. These two things make her so much unlike Katie and although she looks similar and has the same smile, it’s just not the same.

However, on my travels around Europe this summer, I’ve tried to take her everywhere I go! She’s a great person to talk to on a trip and she’s a fantastic listener. We’ve gone to some pretty fantastic places and I have a couple pictures of us hanging out at scenic locations.

My favorite Flat Katie story from this trip so far, is on the plane ride over. I had picked up some pretzels for us on the ride because we were both hungry after a long day of traveling. When the pretzels finally showed up and I gave a couple to Flat Katie to eat, she completely rejected them! She wouldn’t open her mouth supposedly because the pretzels were too “salty” for her. I love her, but this level of high maintenance hurt my feelings.

In all seriousness, Flat Katie rocks, but I miss the real Katie. In less than three days I’ll get to see real Katie again and I’m so excited. This trip has been fantastic, but missing someone is inevitable when you have such great people in your life.

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