Four Things Any Potential Oxfordian Should Know

It’s over

Wow. I can’t believe it. Three weeks of living the Oxford life has ended. It feels like it went so fast, but so slow at the same time. On one hand, it feels like only yesterday that I was walking into my bedroom tucked away at the top of St. Mary’s Tower in Brasenose; on the other hand, I feel like I’ve lived in Oxford for a year. I’ve had so many insanely incredible experiences and met so many people that although I’m ready to move on, I’m going to miss it.

For anyone thinking about visiting Oxford, I want to give you several warnings. First, Oxford is old. Real old. Like it makes the Founding Fathers look like a group of toddlers. Although this means not every building has AC, not every street has even sidewalks, and not every restaurant has Wi-Fi, there is something much more valuable invisibly pulsing through the air.

Second, regardless of why you’re going to Oxford, you’re going to learn something. Whether you’re a future OU Honors or OU Law student taking a course through the university, or a lifelong learner visiting a museum or pub, you will see or hear a new fact that blows your mind. I learned more about British Literature in three weeks than I ever could’ve learned taking a class at OU for a semester. Being here exposes you to so much intellectual richness, your IQ can’t help but go up ten points just by being in Oxfordshire.

Third, traditional English breakfast is required at least once a day. Every restaurant serves their own version of it until at least 11am. Even if you love to sleep in, there’s still time. Some of the best meals I had on my adventures were before noon. Even if you don’t have time to sit down and eat it, go to Taylor’s Café on High Street and grab an English Breakfast for takeaway. It’s everything on an English Breakfast shoved between two baguettes (just ask for no tomato, it’s not really worth it).

But, of all the lessons I learned at Oxford, this one is most important: TRY STUFF. I’m a person who loves to think about doing adventurous things, but when the opportunity knocks, I normally lock my door or don’t answer. I did my best to not let that happen this trip and I had so many new experiences. I had Moroccan food in Ireland, I had Bahai sauce in London, ate Kung Pao chicken at a three-star hygiene restaurant, I went to a museum about an author I haven’t read, I steered a boat with an oar, had a pint a pub, and watched French soccer in England. It might sound idealist and insincere, but adventure really is out there if you give it a shot.

So what’s next? Tonight I am reunited with my family and begin a mini adventure over the next week. I mean, why should I leave if I don’t want to?

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